Slavery by Another Name*: The Convict Lease System (1865-1877)
Blog · February 03, 2023
The convict lease system was a common practice in the south after the Civil War, whereby prisons leased imprisoned Black citizens to private companies, such as railways and plantations, where they would provide cheap labor without receiving pay themselves. This system was termed “slavery by another name” because though the 13th amendment, ratified in 1865, prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude, it did not apply to those convicted of a crime. Prisons made a profit by using “Black...

Legacy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852)
Blog · February 02, 2023
Published in 1852 in response to the passing of the second Fugitive Slave Act, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is credited with laying the moral foundation for the American Civil War. Written by the abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, the novel promoted anti-slavery sentiments across the country, particularly in the north, by depicting the horrors enslaved people experienced daily. Stowe brought the sufferings of enslaved people into the homes of their White counterparts through her novel, fueling the...

Race Relations & The Cincinnati Riot (1829)
Blog · February 01, 2023
For two weeks in August of 1829, Cincinnati witnessed violence provoked by a White mob that attempted to run out the city's Black population. A mob of White residents, many Irish immigrants, attacked Black residents, burning down their homes and assaulting many. More than 1000 Black residents fled the city by the end of the riots, some seeking refuge in nearby towns and others fleeing to Canada. The riots were provoked by racial tensions, mainly between poor Whites and Irish immigrants and...

Black History Matters - February 2023- Save the Date
Blog · January 17, 2023
The National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum (NAHOF) in Peterboro NY announces its third Black History Matters series which will be released at midnight each day of February 2023 for a video series that is free to watch on The 2021 and 2022 series are also available. The mission of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum (NAHOF) is “to honor antislavery abolitionists, their work to end slavery, and the legacy of that struggle, and strive to...

Blog · November 07, 2022
Robert Everett Banner Unveiling Oliver 10.22.22 Nominated by Ted Engle, E. Wyn James, the St. David Society of Utica, Oneida County History Center, Remsen-Steuben Historical Society and the Welsh North American Association, inductee Rev. Robert Everett of Remsen NY was celebrated by a Friday, October 21 evening of Welsh Music and Poetry. Nomination organizer Ted Engle presented Everett’s symposium on Saturday, October 22, and a large crowd of Everett descendants took the Induction stage to...

Abolitionist Freedom Walk A Success
Blog · November 06, 2022
First annual Abolitionist Freedom Walk A Success

National Abolition Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, including the Abolitionist Freedom Walk
Blog · October 21, 2022
Join NAHOF as we induct Robert Everett, Calvin Fairbank and Stephen Myers into the the National Abolition Hall of Fame. We have an exciting program lined up for the occasion.

Blog · October 14, 2022
A project supported by the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor through the Erie Canalway IMPACT! Grant Program was assured that it would float its historical, educational, and health objectives due to generous sponsors. Maxim Construction Service Corp. and National Grid were the Champions of Freedom, catching the inspiration of the inaugural event, as described by Bob Radcliffe, Executive Director of the Erie Canalway National Heritage who stated, “The Erie Canal spread, not only goods...

Blog · August 06, 2022
Saturday, August 6, 2022 A replication of the Peterboro Emancipations Days of the 1920s and 1930s with assembly, song, history and more. Featuring tributes to Sculptor, Edmonia Lewis. MORE INFO

Blog · July 24, 2022
On Sunday, July 24th at 2:00 pm Daniel Koch will present Central New York Local History is National History at the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum. Formerly of Oneida NY, Koch is an historian, author, and a teacher and Vice Master at Bedford School, a boarding school and day school in England. Koch is completing a publication on the history of New York State. The program is free. Admission to the Hall of Fame and Museum is five dollars.

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