The National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum presents its fourth February series for Black History Matters. 

The daily presentation will be posted at 12:01 a.m. at 

 www.YouTube.com/@AbolitionHallofFame, and will remain available for free.



Program Schedule


Feb. 1 Diverse Africa: African Origins and the Beginning of the Slave Trade

Feb. 2 Transatlantic Slave Trade: Tracing the Trade Across the Atlantic

Feb. 3 A New Beginning: Early African Communities in the United States

Feb. 4 From Africa to the Caribbean: Exploring African Influences in Cuba & Haiti

Feb. 5 Samba and Beyond: Exploring African Influence in Brazil

Feb. 6 Reshaping the “Old World”: Africans in the European Metropoles

Feb. 7 Middleground: Africa and the Middle East

Feb. 8 Africa Down Under: Black Communities in Australia

Feb. 9 Breaking Apartheid: A Journey through South Africa's Divided Past

Feb. 10 Winds of Change: The Era of African Independence Movements

Feb. 11 A Cultural Awakening: The Harlem Renaissance

Feb. 12 “I Have a Dream”: The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.

Feb. 13 “All Power to the People”: The Impact of the Black Panthers in US History

Feb. 14 Spirituality and Rhythms: Exploring Reggae and Rastafarianism

Feb. 15 Power of the Pen: Celebrating Influential Books by Black Authors

Feb. 16 La Raza: Exploring Afro-Latinx Culture Through Music, Dance, and Literature

Feb. 17 Healing Legacies: Profiles of Black Medical Pioneers 

Feb. 18 Brilliance Unveiled: Celebrating Black Scientists and Their Contributions

Feb. 19 Beyond the Field: Exploring the Impact of Black Athletes

Feb. 20 Spirits of Africa: African Spiritual Practices Abroad

Feb. 21 Hearing Africa: The Influence of African Languages on the Diaspora

Feb. 22 Votes for Women: Black Women in the American Suffrage Movement

Feb. 23 Hip-Hop Revolution: Exploring Early Recordings and Cultural Impact

Feb. 24 Afrobeat Rhythms: Uniting the World Through Music

Feb. 25 Breaking Barriers: The Impact of Black Innovators in the Tech Industry

Feb. 26 Eco-Warriors: Black Advocates Pioneering Environmental Justice

Feb. 27 Shaping the Narrative: Black Historians in US History

Feb. 28 Resilience and Resistance: Black LGBTQ+ Activism in Modern America

Feb. 29 Wrap Up and Feedback

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