Interview with Betty B. Bibbins and the Desegregation of Virginia Schools

In this two-part interview, Betty B. Bibbins, MD shares her remarkable life story and illustrates the courageous actions individual children undertook in the desegregation of schools. Dr. Bibbins grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, and attended kindergarten at Sacred Heart School in Norfolk, Our Lady of Victory elementary school, Cradock Jr. High School, and Cradock High School (1964-1969) during the years of desegregation of Virginia's schools. As the lone Black student at times, Dr. Bibbins experienced the hardships of an educational system and society that resisted desegregation. Dr. Bibbins discusses how her family and personal beliefs were often the few things she had to her advantage. She also discusses how her experiences have shaped her life of service thereafter.


Watch now on the NAHOF Youtube Channel.

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