Black Law Enforcement

Black Law Enforcement

Max Smith interviews Gregory L. Riley, Sr. on racism and the need for structural change in the police force in the context of the recent Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality. Riley reflects on his experiences as a police officer and provides insight into what changes he thinks could bring about significant change to the way we do policing in the United States. Riley is a faculty member in the criminal justice department at Norwalk (CT) Community College. He is a retired community police officer from the Norwalk Police Department and served in the NPD Youth Division and as a School Resource Officer at all three Norwalk High Schools. He also was a former Federal Corrections Officer at Danbury (CT) Federal Institution. Mr. Riley has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the SUNY Plattsburgh Alumni Association. He was named a Distinguished Visiting Alumni by SUNY Plattsburgh. Mr. Riley was also a member of the Board of Directors for the National Black Police Association, Washington, DC, where he served a national information officer. He is the co-founder of the James A. Wilson Scholarship at SUNY Plattsburgh for gifted African American students. Mr. Riley is a graduate of Oneida High School, SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.A. in criminal justice, and is presently working toward his M.A. in criminal justice. 


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