11th Annual Emancipation Day

Saturday August 7, 2021 at the Gerrit Smith Estate


10:00 am at the Gerrit Smith Estate


After the ten o'clock rituals of assembly, announcements, singing, photos, and updates, the annual processional will begin to the cemetery to lay wreaths on graves of African-Americans who had been enslaved.


Along the way the procession will stop at the Peterboro Veterans’ Memorial to recognize people of color who served their country.



1:30 pm

Susan Goodier PhD, SUNY Oneonta, will share her research and publications on Black Suffragists: Race in the Women’s Movement.


2:30 pm

Harry Bradshaw Matthews, Director of the Office of Intercultural Affairs and the U.S. Pluralism Center at Hartwick College, will speak on the United States Colored Troops Institute for Local History and Family Research

Speakers supported by a Humanities NY grant


3:30 pm

Tour of the Gerrit Smith Estate with Peterboro historian and author, Norman K. Dann PhD

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