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Some folks ask, “Is there more than the Civil War encampment during the weekend?” The answer is an emphatic “Yes!”  Admission to the event covers everything except food, vendor purchases, and the Saturday evening program. One admission includes:

Access to the civilian and military camps and troops to observe and ask questions.

Access to displays and programs by reenactors, historical organizations, Civil War Round Tables, and authors. (There is a program focus on 1866 with the Sesquicentennial of Decoration Day and the Grand Army of the Republic, as well as the Lincolns the year after the war.)

Access to children’s period activities

Admission to three historic sites:

1.     CHANGING AMERICA: THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION 1863 and THE MARCH ON WASHINGTON 1963, a travelling exhibit presented by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History, is a featured exhibit at the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum.

2.     At the Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark buildings and grounds have exhibits on Gerrit Smith, the Underground Railroad, African-Americans in Peterboro, Greene Smith’s Birdhouse, etc.

3.     The Peterboro Area Museum has displays on the history of the Town of Smithfield. The Town Historian will be at the Museum most of the weekend.

A Guided Walking Tour of the Hamlet of Peterboro

The military skirmish at 2:00 pm

The Annual Peterboro Civil War Weekend is an educational and fund-raising event of the Smithfield Community Association based on the Gerrit Smith-John Brown relationship which helped ignite the Civil War. Admission: $8: Adults, $3: 6-12 years, Free: Under 6. For more information and updates: 315-280-8828, mail@sca-peterboro.org, or www.PeterboroNY.org





The Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department hosted the annual Peterboro Hometown Day on Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and in the evening at 7 p.m. for the annual concert accompanied by pie and ice cream. Exhibits on “On the Green” included new and old cars, truck, tractors and motorcycles, the Madison County BRIDGES Stop DWI and Texting, Smithfield Community Association, Smithfield Town Democrats, Smithfield Veterans Memorial, Sterling Silver by Norm Dann., as well as other community groups. The Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark and the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum was open from 1 – 5 with free admission.

Airborne Adventures from Munnsville NY provided balloon walks as a special treat for children. A balloon walk consists of a hot air balloon that is in anchored at the top end, and at the bottom end, and then inflated with cold air by use of an inflation fan. Rather than standing the balloon with air that is heated by the burner, the balloon is kept inflated with just the cold air. A large heavy mat is placed over the “skirt” at the bottom end of the balloon, making it easily accessible for children of all ages, including those in wheelchairs. The public can then enter and view the balloon from the inside (without shoes). To make the experience even more fun for children, we typically introduce large inflatable balls for them to play with while they are in the balloon. Balloon walks are especially popular at community events and private parties involving young school age children. No precipitation can be occurring or expected within the time of operation.

Crystal Kay’s School of Dance opened the programs with a performance at 11:30 a.m. At noon the chicken barbeque began at the fire house. 

At 6:30 the Old Clay Stone from Wampsville provided the evening concert. Old Clay Stone features a little something for everyone, providing a variety of music and artists, including country, folk, Adirondack, and acoustic style. 

At 7:00 the Peterboro United Methodist Church served pie and ice cream. 

Door prizes for the fifty/fifty raffle were given throughout the day. 


For further information on the event or setting up a booth at the 2016 event, contact Mark Bradbury at 315-761-5505 and brad83m@gmail.com. Contributions to the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department can be made at 4581 Peterboro Road, P.O. Box 115, Peterboro NY 13134.